The following is a Bargaining Update from April 7 and 8th, 2016 from the Mondelēz /Nabisco bargaining table from International Vice President Jethro Head, Union Chairman: Brothers and Sisters – From the reports submitted by the company regarding our most recent bargaining, they would have you believe that we walked away from the table never to return. This is not surprising given the distorted picture this company always paints. You have all seen how their concern plays out for each of you with respect to their proposals as well as their representations at the bargaining table. Rest assured, what they have their plant managers telling you at the facility is not only inconsistent with their bargaining table communications, but is polar opposite to their position that they care for you and your family. Retirement Security – The company has repeatedly said just how much they care about you and want you to have what is coming to you when it comes to your retirement and that is why they want out of the B&C pension plan. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have been provided with numerous independent reports that outline the disadvantages and shortcomings of Defined Contribution Plans and the advantages of Defined Benefit Plans. But, as always, if the truth does not fit their scenario they choose to disregard it or refashion it to fit their purposes. As far as the company caring about you and your family in retirement, the fact that they want to send the jobs of BCTGM members across the border to Mexico shows they don’t even care if you are employed let alone have a pension. Job Security – The company has rejected the Union proposals on Job Security so that you and your family are not subjected to the transfer of your job across borders or to co-packers in the future. At the bargaining table they are not in the least concerned about your future or the future of your family yet they have their plant managers running around talking about how important you are and how “if it were up to them” they would keep you employed. Their Chicago plant manager told that same lie to 277 BCTGM employees — even as they sent their work to Mexico to be done by someone they never knew. This company will do the same to you and your families once they locate the next group of workers to target. $5000 Bonus – the new proposal says that if you ratify their latest offer before they try to implement it that you will receive a bonus. Quite frankly, this is just another ploy by the company to get you to sell your job rights in the future for about $3500 after taxes. Because, let’s face it, their 90/10 Health Plan costs you more than $3500 per year \and without meaningful job security, which you know you need because they are hell bent on sending your jobs across the U.S.- Mexican border, nothing in this contract will benefit you anyhow if you do not have a job. Why? Because if you never work under it you can’t benefit from any of its terms — even their new retirement ‘savings account’ is based on the number of hours you work in the year. So, does $3500 AFTER TAXES SOUND LIKE A DEAL YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO SELL YOUR JOB FOR IN THE FUTURE? Didn’t think so! So, when you read their rendition of their proposal, just remember, that it offers you nothing except a check that nets out at about $3500. So, when they say we broke off negotiations – we probably should have based on the disrespect and lack of commitment that Nabisco has shown to you and your family based on their proposal, take that with a grain of salt. Again, their propensity to twist the truth is unmatched by any employer I have dealt with to date and I have dealt with hundreds in my career. We will see them again in the future at the bargaining table, just like we told them at the close of the last session. I will keep you apprised of the status of the bargaining. Jethro Head BCTGM International Vice President Chairman of Mondelez/Nabisco Bargaining