Retirement Security

Your pension is a type of Defined Benefits Plan, meaning that you pay into a large fund (The B&C Pension Fund) that guarantees to disburse your pension in a set amount when you retire.

Defined Contribution Plans – what Mondelēz wants you to downgrade to – are not a secure pension guaranteeing a set annuity in retirement. Rather, they are a way to save up funds in a bank account until retirement. These accounts are at the mercy of the stock market and could gain or lose value.

Reports and Materials on Defined Benefit Plans (DB) vs. Defined Contribution (DC):

  1. The Value of Defined Benefit Plans (PDF)
  2. NIRS: Bang for the Buck Report (PDF)
  3. Corporate Finance Matters: DB Outperforms DC Again (PDF)
  4. NIRS Report: The Pension Factor: Role of DB Plans in Reducing Elder Hardships (PDF)
  5. NIRS Report: Still a Better Bang for the Buck (PDF)
  6. Pension Review Board: Review of DB and DC Plans (PDF)
  7. The Disappearing Defined Benefit Pension and its Consequences (PDF)
  8. BELOW: This presentation will take you through the factual details of both, and compare what you are being offered to the Pension Plan included in Irene Rosenfeld’s compensation package.
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