Nabisco/Mondelez worker Michael Smith was invited as a special guest of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka during the Federation President’s major address at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.   Check out what else President Trumka had to say about Nabisco/Mondelez:
 We want to rebuild the ladder and change the rules of our economy for workers like Michael Smith.  Michael worked at the Oreo plant on the South Side of Chicago.  Yet Mondelez, the parent company of Nabisco, decided to move his job to Mexico.  And NAFTA helped pave the way. Michael is with us today.  Please stand, Mike.  Thank you, brother.  The members of Mike’s union, the Bakery Workers, want to make Oreos in the United States.  This isn’t just about a few cookies.  That factory is an icon.  It was a place where you could make decent wages and raise a family, and this shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Irene Rosenfeld, the CEO of Mondelez, makes over $9,000 an hour.  In that same hour, Nabisco workers in Mexico earn barely more than a dollar.  This is unacceptable. President Trump, do what’s right.  Stand with us.  Stand with Michael.  Stand with the Bakery Workers.  Bring the jobs home, protect our pensions and invest in America.
Smith, together with Nate Zeff, BCTGM International Assistant to the Strategic Campaign Coordinator, were invited to a special meeting with President Trumka at the National AFL-CIO headquarters prior to the National Press Club event. In that meeting, Smith explained to Trumka the effects of Nabisco’s outsourcing on his South Chicago community and his family. Trumka pledged to continue to call out Mondelez/Nabisco and CEO Irene Rosenberg for the company’s callous disregard of American workers. Read President Trumka’s entire speech: Everyone Deserves To Be Able to Negotiate for Better Wages and Benefits