As a member of the Mondelez International Board, Neubauer agreed with the Company’s decision to cut 600 middle-class jobs right here in Chicago – and send them to Mexico where Nabisco workers are reportedly paid little more than $1 per hour. But he had no problem agreeing with pay for the Company’s two CEOs of nearly $60 MILLION in 2017, including paying over $42 MILLION to one person for only 41 days of work that year. And, after giving all that money to Mondelez’s senior executives, what did he do? He took MORE from the workers by agreeing with the Company’s decision to ELIMINATE pension contributions for working class families at Nabisco plants around the country!


JOSEPH NEUBAUER has been a Trustee of the University of Chicago since 1992 and was first elected to serve as Chair of the Board in 2015. As Chair, Mr. Neubauer leads the 55 Trustees in electing your university’s President, the Provost, all Vice Presidents, and the Secretary of the University, as well as overseeing the investment assets, administration and management of the university. That’s a lot of power, and with it the Chair should reflect and embody University of Chicago values.


University of Chicago students don’t believe their university’s values are being properly represented by Joseph Neubauer, and they’re now mobilizing and petitioning to have him removed as a University Trustee. As well as gaining signatures on a petition, Nabisco workers are leafleting on campus with students and planning events with students for further education and action. Stay engaged here and on Nabisco 600 Workers social media pages for more information on upcoming events!


SHAME on Joseph Neubauer and SHAME on the University of Chicago if it allows him to continue to serve as the Chair of the Board!