In the BCTGM Local 300 office located across Kenzie Avenue from the Chicago Nabisco bakery, Hillary Clinton met with union members ‘to figure out how we can stop’ the impending relocation of 600 American jobs to Mexico.

According to BCTGM International Vice President Jethro Head, who facilitated the meeting, “She really cares about workers and it was an amazing sign of support for her to sit down and discuss how she can not only help save our Nabisco jobs, but other companies from moving production outside this country.”

“It is imperative that we do more to keep jobs here, and we do more to attract jobs to places like Chicago, well, really across our country,” Clinton said in press reports following the meeting.

In her talk with the workers she said: “This particular plant has received, over the years, tax benefits and investments from the taxpayers of Chicago and Illinois in order to expand the production lines … I think they should have to pay that money back and that that money would be used to reinvest in the community and the workers.”

At an event earlier this month in Detroit, Clinton said: “If a company like Nabisco outsources and ships jobs overseas, we’ll make you give back the tax breaks you receive here in America.”