The Nabisco 600 team, composed of laid-off Local 300 members from the Nabisco bakery in Chicago, set out on a national tour last week to spread the word that the Mondelez offshoring of Nabisco jobs to Mexico will not stand. With appearances on Union Edge Radio in Pittsburgh, the Rick Smith Radio Show in Harrisburg, and Atlanta Labor Radio, the Nabisco 600 broadcast the boycott of Made-in-Mexico Nabisco products to listeners numbering in the hundreds of thousands. They addressed large and diverse audiences at conferences of the AFL-CIO in Connecticut and Florida, as well as Central Labor Councils in Atlanta, and Gainesville, Fla.

Nabisco 600 representatives spoke about the strategic campaign to save Nabisco jobs at meetings of the American Federation of Government Employees in Philadelphia and the Office and Professional Employees International Union in Orlando. The Nabisco 600 had the opportunity to speak with BCTGM retirees in Philadelphia and at the East/Central States Conference of BCTGM in Atlantic City. One Nabisco 600 team member, Michael Smith, was even invited to give testimony at the Democratic Platform Drafting Hearing in Washington, DC. He was met with resounding support and a standing ovation, and his success could lead to a larger involvement in the Democratic Platform process. The team continues this consumer education tour with audiences of the New York State United Teachers, the Jobs with Justice Organization in central Florida, and a presentation to the Oregon state AFL-CIO in Portland later this week. Stay tuned- to see where the Nabisco 600 takes this message next!

BCTGM Local 300 members are touring the country spreading news of the boycott of Nabisco products made in Mexico. This is where you can find the tour this week to learn more about the BCTGM’s campaign:

Tuesday 6/21 & Wednesday 6/22: New Jersey AFL-CIO Convention in Atlantic City, N.J.

Thursday 6/23: PA AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting in Harrisburg, Pa. and ME AFL-CIO COPE Convention in Auburn, ME

Friday 6/24: Maine AFL-CIO COPE Convention in Auburn, Maine

Friday 6/24: Utah AFL-CIO Convention in Salt Lake City

Saturday 6/25: Labor Research Action Network meeting in Chicago