Popular Facebook media outlet, NowThis Politics, released a video on Monday covering the May 2018 Nabisco worker protest of Mondelez-Nabisco’s annual shareholder meeting in Lincolnshire, IL. The video shows BCTGM members from Nabisco bakeries nationwide protesting the elimination of their pensions by Mondelez International, even participating in a sit-down action and blocking the street where Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put attempts the leave in a private van. BCTGM International President David Durkee addresses the crowd and highlights the ludicrous and destructive decision by Mondelez to eliminate their employees’ pensions, while compensating their CEO over $42 million for just 41 days of work in 2017.

The NowThis Politics video comes on the heels of three direct actions by Nabisco workers and retirees involved in the Hands Off Our Pensions Coalition (HOOP) during the month of July.  On July 10th, HOOP protesters showed up at Mondelez’s North America Headquarters in East Hanover, NJ and World Headquarters of Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ, calling out Mondelez President of North American Business Glen Walter and Mondelez Board of Directors member and Johnson & Johnson Executive Vice Presidnet, Jorge Mesquita for their involvement in anti-worker anti-retiree business practices of Mondele-Nabisco. On July 21st, HOOP demonstrated at the home of Mondelez Board of Directors member Christiana Shi in Portland, OR, even getting her neighbors  out in the street and involved in chants, “Shame on you, Christiana!” and “Hands Off Our Pensions! We earned it!” On July 28th, Mondelez Chief Accounting Officer Nelson Urdaneta was visisted by HOOP Nabisco worker and retiree protesters at his Lake Forest, IL home, just miles from the iconic Nabisco bakery in nearby Chicago.

The above video, “Nabisco Workers Block CEO Van to Fight for Pensions,” posted by NowThis Politics, was viewed by more than 300,000 people in just the first 24 hours since its release on Facebook. Click the above link to watch the full video!