The nationwide boycott of Nabisco/Mondelēz products made in Mexico continues to grow in support as cities across the U.S. adopt resolutions supporting American jobs.

On June 15 in Philadelphia, Councilmen Brian O’Neill and Bill Greenlee introduced a resolution to the Philadelphia City Council asking the city to support a boycott of Nabisco/Mondelēz products made in Mexico. The council passed the resolution unanimously noting the devastating effects of Mondelēz’ decision to close Philadelphia’s iconic Nabisco bakery in 2015. Hundreds of Local 492 members lost their jobs when the plant shut down.

The resolution pledges that the city will not buy Nabisco/Mondelēz products manufactured outside the U.S. until the company reverses the decision to send production to Mexico and move the family sustaining jobs back to Philadelphia.

On July 26, the Atlanta City Council passed a resolution pledging support for Atlanta’s Nabisco workers and calls on Nabisco/Mondelēz to stop outsourcing American jobs to Mexico. BCTGM Local 42 (Atlanta) Business Manager Zack Townsend was instrumental in bringing the issue to the Council and securing passage of the resolution.